Frequent Questions

We understand that no two jobs are the same and that customers will have questions. We have done our best to list some of the most common questions and answers below.

  • Are you a local contractor, and what areas do you serve?

    Yes, Olympic Exteriors is located in Pasco WA and has been serving the Tri-Cities WA communities of Kennewick, Pasco WA, and Richland WA for over 10 years. We understand the importance of selecting a local contractor for any project you have in mind. Having your contractor readily available should problems arise is critically important. If you are dealing with a contractor from out of town, or worse, out of state, good luck.

  • Are you licensed?

    Yes, our Washington State Contractor License number is #OLYMPEL969BB.

  • How long have you been in business?

    We have been in business for over 10 years, and our crew has over 50 years combined experience.

  • Do you carry insurance and workman's comp?

    Yes, we understand not only the importance of insurance, but also recognize it is a large part of the cost of any project we work on. Owners have been financially harmed by uninsured or inadequately covered siding contractors and typically, most Owner's Insurance Policies exclude outside contractors, so it is critical to make sure there is proper and adequate coverage. Don't be burned by a "fly by night" contractor, always ask if they have appropriate insurance coverage to protect you.

  • Do you run your own crews or subcontract the work out?

    At Olympic Exteriors, we take great pride in is our own team of professionals. Most of our team has been with us over 5 years, are highly trained and certified, and provide exceptionally high quality work. This also allows us to maintain control of our schedule and make sure we can complete your project on time. When dealing with subcontractors, this isn't necessarily the case, so we keep it all in house.

  • Do you handle pre-and post-inspections, permits, and any other necessary paper work to do the project?

    Yes, we take care of it all. We get the necessary permits, arrange all pre- and post-inspections, any final inspections by the city or county issuer of the building permit. We take care of it all for you.

  • Do you keep the worksite clean, or am I going to be stepping on nails?

    Yes, we keep the worksite clean and clean up after ourselves once your project is finished. We understand the importance of this to you. Any project can be disrupting with all the hustle and bustle going on. The last thing you need to be doing is stepping over or around any mess we've made. We take care of it.

  • Do you warranty your work?

    Wow, do we have warranties. Let's break it down, as there are several different warranties you need to be aware of, regardless of who you choose to do your work. Always ask. First, you will get a manufacturer's warranty on materials. To give you an idea, typically our replacement windows have a lifetime warranty for as long as you live in the home. That could be 5 years, or 30 years, doesn't matter. On siding, depending on the material you choose, your manufacturer's warranty can be as long as 25 - 50 years on the siding material itself, and in the event you order colored siding, typically the color warranty is for 10-15 years, depending on the manufacturer. Additionally, with any siding project, you receive a 10 Year Moisture Barrier Warranty, since our installation team is Dupont Tyvek certified. Decking material is similar - warranties vary by manufacturer and by the material you choose. Composite deck materials are warrantied very similar to siding material warranties. The same is true of patio covers and pergolas. Wood isn't going to last as long as composite, so many of these warranties will vary depending on the type of material you choose. Finally, we honor our work and offer a 2 Year Workmanship Warranty on all our projects. If something isn't quite right, or you have a potential problem, just call us, we'll come and fix it - FREE!

  • Do you give start dates and completion dates?

    Yes, nothing is worse than having a job drag on for months. We will give you a detailed project description that contain our start and estimated completion dates, barring any issues beyond our control - war, pestilence, earthquake, volcano - you get the idea. We'll complete your project as quickly as possible, with as little hassle as possible.

  • Do you have references?

    Absolutely! You can view our site as many of our customers have written testimonials for us already. If you need more, just ask. We'll be happy to provide you references.

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