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Is it Time for Window Replacement in Your Kennewick, Pasco or Richland Home?

Knowing when to replace your home’s windows isn’t always as clear as it may seem. If your Kennewick, Pasco or Richland home is older than 15 years, it’s probably a good time to check and make sure your windows are still operating correctly. For instance, do you have trouble opening or closing your windows? Do you consistently find moisture on your windows’ interior? Just like your washing machine, refrigerator, or roof shingles, over time, your windows need to be replaced. To help you through the replacement process, Olympic Exteriors provides the following tips and solutions to help determine if the time to replace — and upgrade — is now.

Are Your Windows Single Pane Glass?

Many older homes still use their original windows built with single-pane glass. Simply put, single-pane glass with windows is not energy efficient. These old windows often freeze open or shut, and they feel cold or icy to the touch. They’re also known to develop frost on the inside of the window, which increases the chances of breakage, ultimately causing damage to your home. New and more modern windows don’t have these problems, and also lower energy costs substantially.

Are You Seeing Your Furniture, Art, Drapes or Carpet Fade Away?

Ultraviolet rays entering through windows and patio doors can lead to fading of furniture, carpet, window treatments and artwork. These and other materials, especially ones with organic fabrics, are susceptible to fading when exposed to sunlight. Upgrading your windows to more energy efficient products can potentially reduce fading and extend the life of your personal and household items.

See how to enhance your home with today’s modern energy efficient windows:

Are You Still Using Storm Windows?

The annual ritual of installing and removing storm windows can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for multi-level homes. The energy efficiency of new replacement windows eliminates that annual hassle of installing and removing storm windows. Imagine how easy spring cleaning can be!

Does it Seem Noisy in Your Home?

If you live near an airport, a busy street or in an urban neighborhood, noise can be a common concern in your house. Replacing your windows with dual-pane or a laminated glass can reduce the noise transmission into your home. Many homeowners are often surprised how significant the reduction of exterior noise is once they’ve replaced their windows. Who doesn’t want more peace and quiet in their home?

Is the Weather Coming Inside Instead of Staying Outside?

The weather conditions outside your home should not appear on the inside—a good sign that your windows need to be replaced. Inefficient windows can leak, allowing water to come into your house both in front of and behind the walls—a leading cause of mold and mildew in homes. Old, worn-out windows or patio doors often leak air, resulting in high energy bills during peak heating and cooling months. The glass may be loose or the seal between the sash and frame may have weakened. Remember: if the weather outside is coming inside, you’ve got a problem.

Are Your Windows Easy to Use?

Is everyone in your household able to open and close the windows? If the windows refuse to open, get stuck in the up or down position, or won’t open in and out of place, it can pose a serious danger in the event of a fire. This, in and of itself, is a good reason to replace the windows in your home. In addition, if the thought of trying to open your windows gives you a headache, it’s time to replace them. It shouldn’t be a challenge to enjoy the outside elements from inside the comfort of your home.

Are Your Windows Difficult to Clean?

There have been great advancements over the years to window technology; thankfully, some of these advancements have provided more convenient cleaning options. Double-hung windows, for example, had to be cleaned from the outside. Now our double-hung windows feature tilt-in sash designs, which means the exterior glass can be cleaned from inside by tilting the sash inward for easy access.

If your answer to any of these questions is “YES,” you should replace your home’s windows with new, energy-efficient windows from Olympic Exteriors, the Tri-cities top replacement window contractor.

Installing new windows from Olympic Exteriors will give your home added beauty, security, and energy efficiency. You will see a significant savings in your energy bill in the very first month after replacing your existing windows with new, energy efficient replacement windows Kennewick, Pasco and Richland homeowners have come to love.

7 Benefits of Replacing Your Windows:

  • Reduce your heating and cooling costs
  • Eliminate 99.5% of Ultraviolet damage
  • Make your home more comfortable and less drafty
  • Give you a quieter home – everyone loves peace and quiet
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Improve home security
  • Enhance the beauty and “curb appeal” of your home

Get the Right Glass!

Along with visible light and UV light, sunlight contains IR (or infrared) light. Infrared light is what we know as heat. “Low-e” (low emissivity) glass has the ability to block out certain amounts of harmful UV light as well as certain amounts of IR light.

Why is this Important to You?

When IR light enters your home, it heats up whatever it touches. “Low-e” glass reflects this energy, keeping you home cool in the hot summer months. During the colder winter months, your home is heated by a furnace or other type of heating system. Your “low-e” glass will keep that heat from escaping by bouncing the heat energy it creates back into your home, instead of letting it out like you old, drafty windows. The heat reflecting properties of “low-e” glass will help keep your energy costs down year round, making them the smart, economical choice when replacing the windows in your home. Flood your home with light and block the damaging UV rays and heat with window replacement from Olympic Exteriors.

Why Choose Olympic Exteriors as Your Window Contractor and Window Replacement Professionals?

Our Exterior Remodeling team has over 50 years experience in replacing windows and helping people choose the right window solution for their situation. Let our Window Design team help you with the selection process in choosing the right windows for your home. Need special decorative glass, or tinted glass for an area of your home? No problem, we can get you exactly what you need.

Windows from the Market Leaders

We work with Milgard and Cascade Windows for most of our window replacement. Outstanding manufacturers with excellent products and outstanding warranties. We have many different window styles to choose from:

Replacement Window Styles Available

What is Your Window Warranty?

How does a lifetime warranty sound? That’s what our leading manufacturers offer. Lifetime warranty for as long as you live in the home. It doesn’t get any better than that. On top of that, enjoy a…

2 Year Workmanship Warranty

That’s right. We offer a 2 Year Workmanship Warranty on every job we do. If something isn’t right, if you have air or moisture leaking, just give us a call, we’ll come fix it for FREE.

Our Window Replacement Services:

  • Replacement Windows Design and Selection
  • Replacement Windows Material Order and Delivery
  • Replacement Windows Setup & Installation
  • Clean Work Site
  • Replacement Windows Permit and Inspection Process

We take care of everything for you.

Ready to replace those old drafty windows in your Kennewick, Pasco or Richland WA home?

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